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Emotions make the world go round Essay

Emotions are one of the unique traits of humans. Not all living things created by God were able to have emotions, only men are permitted to feel and express. Although animals have the ability to sense some things, it is not as powerful and as expressive as that of the humans. Human emotion speaks a thousand words†¦ in silent mode. What we have to understand when it comes to emotion is the reality that it comes from different factors which affects the cycle of emotion and feelings. Organism and environment has something to do with this but it is always linked to the question, â€Å"how do you feel? † which basically means that in emotions, feelings are essential (Kuhl, 1986). Do you ever wonder why a new born baby cries after his or her birth? Scientifically speaking, babies cry after birth because they are cold but there is a long story behind this one which we will not elaborate anymore. Looking in another aspect, away from science, babies cry because it signifies their ability to live. It serves as a sign that they are alive and it assures the people inside the delivery room about the baby’s existence. Looking at this situation through science’s perspective, an infant’s emotion is more likely associated with both conditioning and stimulation. Remember that around four (4) minutes before the baby is born, something happens inside his or her body which triggers the crying when the time to get out of the mother’s womb comes (Morley, 2002). On the other hand, when the baby is already born, we all know that the doctor taps the baby which ignites a little sense of feeling or sensitivity on the baby’s side. Therefore, conditioning and stimulation happens before and after the baby is born, thus, it is clear that there is really an effect both inside and outside the baby’s body. Although science can explain almost everything in life including emotions and feelings, in the end, it does not really matter that much when you were used in feeling and not thinking too much. Emotions are reactions in everything which happens to you. Others might associate it with adrenalin rush but thinking outside the box, emotions were proofs regarding your humanity. It is not the basis of weakness but instead, it is the sign that you are alive and doing well. Many people were not able to express their emotions like anger, fear happiness and sadness and decide to go to medical doctors for check ups. Perhaps, this is one proof that emotions are not just a thing in our life but ability. Works Cited Kuhl, J. (1986). Motivation and information processing: A new look at decision making, dynamic change, and action control. In R. M. Sorrentino & E. T. Higgins (Eds. ), Handbook of motivation and cognition: Foundations of social behavior (pp. 404-434). Chichester: Wiley. Morly, G. M. (2002). Why Do Babies Cry? The Anatomical and Physiological Changes During the Moments After Birth. http://www. cordclamp. com/Why Do Babies Cr1. htm

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Eccos global value chain management - 1730 Words

ECCO A/S-GLOBAL VALUE CHAIN MANAGEMENT ANALYSIS 1. Describe the competitive environment of ECCO and determine how well ECCO is positioned (vis-à  -vis the competitors) to take advantage of changes in the industry. 2. Analyze ECCO’s global value chain. How well does this configuration match the drivers in the industry? Analyze ECCO’s global value chain. High demand for quality and reduced lead times led the company to a self-sufficiency approach on streamlining its entire value chain from raw hides to finished shoes unlike its major competitors who only designed and marketed their products without in house manufacturing. In having a global network of tanneries, production facilities,†¦show more content†¦How well does this configuration match the drivers in the industry? Ownership of tanneries, factories and leather research centers maintained the firm’s brand of commitment to quality and boosted the company’s ambition and confidence in delivering products that met customer expectations In reducing the number of vendors, the company was able to maintain high quality levels through close quality control measures and maintain its brand image of working to create the perfect shoe. The firm also made compromises to its approach in some cases by outsourcing its production for shoes that could not benefit from its in-house technology. Most firms in the shoe industry outsourced production as a way to cut production and vendor logistic costs. 3. ECCO has a fully integrated vertical value chain. What are the pros and cons of this strategy? What economic and strategic factors should be analyzed to answer this question? Pros: Higher demands of quality can be achieved (e.g. through better quality control) supports the company’s vision of high quality products Core Technology stays within the company You have more price control (= less exposed to price fluctuation) Eliminate the intermediaries (and obtain the margin of supplier / intermediaries) Higher economies of scale Ability to access leading expert knowledge about tanning Implement shoe and company specific Research Development (for example less pollution = can be used forShow MoreRelatedEcco a/S – Global Value Chain Management1709 Words   |  7 PagesFirm in a Global Economy ECCO A/S – Global Value Chain Management Question 1: 1. Relate the Ecco case to the conceptualization of the organization as a global factory. What similarities and dissimilarities with the global factory conceptualization do you see and what solutions may it present? Similarities: As ECCO had been very successful in the footwear industry by focusing on production technology and assuring quality by maintaining full control of the entire value chain, ECCO grewRead MoreEssay Ecco Case Anwers1256 Words   |  6 PagesECCO Case Study - Question 1 ECCO has a fully integrated vertical value chain. What are the pros and cons of that strategy? What economic and strategic factors should be analyzed to answer this question? The pros of a having a fully integrated vertical supply chain for Ecco include the following: * Improved supply chain coordination between tanning, manufacturing and distribution. This would ultimately help maintain quality and improve operational efficiencies such as logistics. Read MoreEcco Analysis3773 Words   |  16 Pagesachieved the highest surplus in the company’s history with a profit before tax of DKK 904 million. This highly satisfactory result was particularly due to successful new collections and improvements in sales in most of ECCO’s markets. The outcome could have been even better, if ECCO’s shoe factory and tannery at Ayutthaya in Thailand had not suffered catastrophic flooding in October with considerable human and commercial consequences. Many of the 3,500 employees in Ayutthaya lost both their home andRead MoreMarketing Strategy - Case Analysis (Ecco)2681 Words   |  11 PagesMarketing Strategy Case Questions (Galka) ECCO A/S Global Value Chain Management Marketing Strategy Term 4 2011 Team #6 03 August 2011 1. Perform a Porter’s Five Force Analysis Force 1: Barriers to Entry | |Questions |Answer |Reason for Barriers to entry | |1. |Do Larger firms have a cost/performance |Yes (Positive) |Larger firms like ECCO have resourcesRead MoreMarketing Strategy of Ecco1859 Words   |  8 PagesCompany Background ECCO, the world leading brand of shoes, was found in Denmark by Karl Toosbuy in1963. ECCO’s philosophy -â€Å"the shoe must follow the foot†. Karl was the shoemaker realizing that shoes had to be made to fit the foot, as a result, functional, comfortable ECCO shoes were launched in the 1970s and became a huge success. ECCO is the only major shoe manufacturer to own and manage every step in the shoemaking process. ECCO produces leather and has its own tanneries, their design and productionRead MoreEcco Case Essay2047 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿Ecco Case ECCO A/S – GLOBAL VALUE CHAIN MANAGEMENT Executive Summary: ECCO A/S is one of the most prominent player in the global shoe industry and is also one of the leading footwear manufacturer in the world. Since its inception in 1963 it aspires to produce top quality, casual comfort shoes with a perfect fit which are pleasant to wear in all weather conditions. The company’s USP is top quality of its product with a coupled production of, manual and machine. The production of their leather wasRead MoreEcco and Turkish Market2882 Words   |  12 Pageswell-known company with good brand and mission to globalize. During the report we figure out how Ecco can be profitable in turkey which is nonwestern with Islamic culture country. In this report we use theories like swot, porters five fore, and value chain to determine our problem statement and as a results we analysis the advantages and disadvantages, strength and weakness as well as threat and opportunities Ecco may encounter before and after it enters Turkish market. We have been able to comeRead MoreEcco2521 Words   |  11 Pageslong term plan of action or execution designed to achieve particular objectives, such as achieving competitive advantage for an organisation. It reflects the values, expectations and goals of those who are in power within the organisation.† (RDI course material-Strategic Management module; Unit 1-Nature and scope of strategic management; Lesson 1-Nature) Strategic decisions direct the company towards the path of growth. A company formulated and undertook decisions in such a way that a strategicRead MoreGlobal Value Chain Management1307 Words   |  6 Pagesunprofitable customers someone else will  » ECCO A/S – Global value chain management case study Wednesday, August 31st, 2011 at 8:27 am My operations management coursework was based on the ECCO A/S – Global Value Chain Management case study which is an interesting paper on ECCO A/S (ECCO) who have been very successful in the footwear industry by focusing on production technology and assuring quality by maintaining full control of the entire value chain from â€Å"cow to shoe.†. ECCO follow a differentiationRead MoreEcco Case5429 Words   |  22 PagesECCO CASE – PROJECT 1 Table of contentsî ¿ ¿ Table of contents Question Theory used in this report Data collection Company description Financial situation SW - Internal Value Chain Ramp;D Production Sales and Marketing Service Core competences Benchmark Ansoff’s matrix of growth GAP-analysis OT - External Porter’s 5 forces Force 1: The degree of rivalry Force 2: The threat of new entrants Force 3: The threat of substitutes Force 4: Buyer power Force 5: Supplier power Porter’s

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Photography in Advertising and Its Effects on Society

Written by Valerio Loi (2005) Memory has been and always will be associated with images. As early as 1896, leading psychologists were arguing that memory was nothing more than a continuous exchange of images. (Bergson) Later models of memory describe it as more of an image text; a combination of space and time, and image and word. (Yates) Although image certainly is not the only component of memory, it is undoubtedly an integral and essential part of memorys composition. Photography was first utilized over 100 years ago in an attempt to preserve life as it existed before the industrial revolution. Over time photography has gradually corrupted memory in a variety of ways, despite its original intention to preserve it. From there,†¦show more content†¦The most criticized type of anthropological photograph is the image that separates subjects from their environments. The supposed goal of the separation is to highlight the subjects ethnicity and culture. If the goal, however is to highlight culture, it seems that displaying the subject in his or her own culture would be more effective. (Miller 135) Irving Penns Two New Guinea Men Holding Hands is a common example of the subject being removed from the environment. (see fig. 1) The photograph taken in Penns studio is in a style popular among ethnographers; it has been used for years by E.S. Curtis and has recently been refined by Richard Avedon. The background and the studio settings have been criticized widely as removing subjects from the daily flow of their livesÂ… and cross breeding fashion and anthropology. (Miller 135) The effect of this photograph on memory is to imprint a false image not only of two people but also of an entire culture. Penns image gives his viewer no idea of how these two men exist in reality. Because of the studio setting, the viewer cannot even safely assume that this is how the two men really dress or interact with each other. The most common association made between history and photography is not anthropology; it is the documentation of the Holocaust. Holocaust photography has been and always will be burdened by its inherent requirement to fulfill dual roles in society: the role ofShow MoreRelatedEssay on Photography in Advertising and its Effects on Society3730 Words   |  15 PagesPhotography in Advertising and its Effects on Society Memory has been and always will be associated with images. As early as 1896, leading psychologists were arguing that memory was nothing more than a continuous exchange of images. (Bergson) Later models of memory describe it as more of an image text; a combination of space and time, and image and word. (Yates) Although image certainly is not the only component of memory, it is undoubtedly an integral and essential part of memory’s compositionRead More Ansel Adams Essay1036 Words   |  5 Pagesalso gained a lot of experience shifting conditions as a photographer of landscape. amp;#9; amp;#9; During this time until 1920, photography was just a hobby for Ansel. In 1920 he decided to make music his profession. His plan was to become a concert pianist. Ansel gave piano lessons and concerts until 1927, when he decided to change his career to photography. That same year the publication of his first book of photographs titled Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras, was out. Ansel got financialRead MoreTechnology And Its Effect On Society946 Words   |  4 PagesTeenagers in this digital era are introduced to unprecedented amount of information about the ideal body through the use of the internet, which portrays this image through advertising, music videos, and celebrity social media accounts. With the introduction of connected technology, teen’s lust over a body that has most likely been photo-shopped and may be almost impossible to obtain. In other words, Photoshop sucks. Photoshop is a way of hiding a realistic image, converting it into a false idea ofRead MoreEssay on Sex Sells in Advertising768 Words   |  4 Pagesaudience. Although the idea of using sex appeal in advertising is not new, Diesel ran into trouble with this campaign as a large number of the public stated that it was demeaning and inappropriate. Yet others found them to be humorous, with the understanding that Diesel chose to use amateur photography and young models to appeal to the target audience of teenagers and young adults. Yet, many believe new technology such as the Internet, is allowing advertising with sexual content (eg, Diesels) to be seenRead MoreConsumerism Is All Around Us747 Words   |  3 Pagesthe people of the 21st century cannot seem to escape the ever-powerful grasp of corporate consumerism. While many are aware that consumerism is all around us, few understand the true extent to which it impacts our lives. With constant exposure to advertising it’s hard n ot to get sucked into consumerism. The advertisements we see influence our spending habits by convincing us that certain material possessions will improve our lives. This is problematic because we are controlled by our wants rather thanRead MoreThe Negative Impact Of Photoshop On Teens1649 Words   |  7 Pagesfor the good of photography and not to give false images of the social normal. In opposition, many would state that Photoshop gives beauty and promotes financial in marketing. The main objective is to get money for false looks. American culture is highly obsessed with beauty. Everywhere you go there are advertisements and false images. Whether it’s for models or food alterations are used to sell the image. Models appearances on these images are admired and sought after from the society. Jessica WalkerRead MorePostmodernism : Modernism And Postmodernism1472 Words   |  6 PagesEskilson Textbook Graphic Design a New History on postmodernism are The Swiss Poster, 1984 offset Lithograph by Wolfgang Weingart and The Struggle Continues, 1968 by Atelier Populaire. The modernist designs selected from Moholy Nagy is Painting Photography Film, 1927 Book jacket. To begin we will look at postmodern design and their aesthetics, technical context, Technology of production and the message of the artworks. Postmodernism was full of emotion and had the rule breaking of Dadaist and theRead MoreGraphic Design And Visual Arts873 Words   |  4 Pagesneeds before making design decisions. Designs by graphic designers are required for huge variety of products and activities, such as websites, advertising, books, magazines, posters, computer games/video games, product packaging, exhibitions and displays. Visual arts on the other hand are art forms such as ceramic, drawing, painting, sculptures and photography and architecture. The difference in visual arts and graphic design is that many people do not think of graphic designers as being artistRead MoreGeorge Eastman and the Kodak Camera Essay1195 Words   |  5 Pagesâ€Å"Eastman’s improvements had the effect of moving photography from the professional’s studio, where it had evolved from the realm of portraiture and art, to the world of the general consumer,†(Carlisle 247). Photography was a difficult hobby or profession to have in the mid- 1800s. It was difficult because it needed essential pieces of equipment in order to even come out with a decent picture. Cameras were normally five by eight inches, and all the equipment that was needed was a hassle to carry (BucklandRead MoreThe Problem Of Advertisement, Celebrity Imaging, And Through Many Other Facets Of One s Daily Life1261 Words   |  6 Pageslooks like. â€Å"A technique which is the mainstay of advertisement companies, of personal photo-editing, and of image manipulation in general bears the overtones of a mannerist praxis carried over from the sixteenth century to the twentieth-first.† Advertising is the primary use to modified images/photoshopped images and is the backbone to this silent epidemic. Advertisement is to blame for the degradation of women. Women’s progression for gender equality is being slowed down by what is being shown on

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Disgrace - Morality of David Lurie - 861 Words

Write an essay in which you explore Lurie’s view of morality. Use examples from the text to support your observations: Morality according to Wikipedia: â€Å"Derived from the Latin word Moralitas which means manner, character, and proper behavior. Moral code is a system of morality and a moral is any one practice or teaching within a moral code. Morality can be synonymous with â€Å"goodness† or â€Å"rightness†.† David Lurie has a mixed sense of morality. On one hand, he sleeps with prostitutes in order to fulfill his sexual needs as they are in his view, something that needs to be fulfilled like any other basic human need and it doesn’t matter how or by whom this need is fulfilled. On the other hand, he is a romanticist and turns everything†¦show more content†¦He does not immediately offer an apology; instead he lusts after the younger sister, Desiree. His moral values are distorted again, because Desiree is still a child at school. He even has thoughts about having the two sisters together: â€Å"The two of them in the same bed: an experience fit for a king†. All over again he becomes the sexual predator, acting almost the same as the man who raped his daughter, Lucy. The morals that David exhibit seems mixed and his moral code blurred. It seems as though David himself is confused by his own moral code, perhaps experiencing an identity crisis. His literary hero, Lord Byron, was a great womanizer who once wrote a poem to El Burlador de Sevilla Don Juan Tenorio, who also followed a life down the same path. David Lurie does know the difference between right and wrong but chooses to go down the wrong path inevitably. His morals are questionable, at times it seems to be completely lost but when it comes to his daughter they seem to be in order. David is a difficult character to analyse - he is the epitome of someone with a mixed view of his own identity and, ultimately, disgrace. List of sources:Show MoreRelatedWaiting For The Barbarians By John Maxwell Coetzee1342 Words   |  6 Pageswas born in Cape Town , Cape Province, Union of South Africa, on 9 February 1940 to African Parents. He has the honour of winning the booker prize twice. The first Booker Prize is for Life Times of Michael K in 1983, and the second one is for Disgrace in 1999. In 2003 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. Life And Times Of Michael K,(1983)also won the Prix Etranger Femina Prize. Duskland (1974) was his first published novel . In the Heart of the Country won the C N A prize which isRead MoreA Streetcar Named Desire And Disgrace2563 Words   |  11 Pagesin A Streetcar Named Desire and Disgrace. In A Streetcar Named Desire this destruction takes a variety of forms such as death (shown through Alan s suicide) and the demise of Blanche’s previously expected reputation as a ‘Southern Belle’. Blanche tries to trade sex for commitment, connection and safety. This is the pattern of her life and one that she fails to see as dysfunctional and destructive. Disgrace also presents desire to be a force of destruction. David Lurie’s uncontrollable desires

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Ustad Bismillah free essay sample

He was the third classical musician to be awarded the Bharat Ratna (in 2001), the highest civilian honour in India and gained worldwide acclaim for playing the shehnai for more than eight decades Early life and background Bismillah Khan was born at Bhirung Raut Ki Gali, in Dumraon, Bihar as the second son of Paigambar Khan and Mitthan. He was named as Qamaruddin to rhyme with Shamsuddin, their first son. His grandfather, Rasool Baksh Khan uttered Bismillah (the basmala) after looking at the newborn, thus he was named Bismillah Khan. His ancestors were court musicians and used to play in Naqqar khana in the princely states of Bhojpur, now in Bihar. His father was a shehnai player in the court of Maharaja Keshav Prasad Singh of Dumraon Estate, Bihar. At the age of six, he moved to his maternal house, located close to the Ganges at Varanasi. He received his training under his uncle, the late Ali Baksh Vilayatu, a shehnai player attached to Varanasis Vishwanath Temple. We will write a custom essay sample on Ustad Bismillah or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Religious beliefs Though a pious Shiite Muslim, he was also, like many Indian musicians, regardless of religion, a devotee of Saraswati, the Hindu Goddess of wisdom and arts, and often played at Hindu temples, including the famous Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi, on the banks of the river Ganga. He also performed for spiritual master Prem Rawat. Career Bismillah Khan was perhaps single handedly responsible for making the shehnai a famous classical instrument. He brought the shehnai to the center stage of Indian music with his concert in the Calcutta All India Music Conference in 1937. He was credited with having almost monopoly over the instrument as he and the shehnai are almost synonyms. Khan is one of the finest musicians in post-independent Indian Classical music and one of the best examples of Hindu-Muslim unity in India and had played shenai to audience across the world. He was known to be devoted to his art form that he referred to shehnai as his begum, wife in Urdu, after his wife died. On his death, as an honour, his shehnai was also buried along with him. He was known for his vision of spreading peace and love through music.

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Lat Essay Example

Lat Essay I therefore believe that every discovery is unique in their presentation of a constant flow of newer and changing perceptions of the world. In his play, Away BY Michael Go explores the rejuvenation of his characters through their renewed perception of themselves and the others in the play. In addition the Edgar Allen Popes short story oval portrait explores the unexpected discoveries of the . Narrator. Both texts provide a renewed understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Every discovery of the world is a rebirth and a reawakening because it offers renewed perceptions Of the world around us. Coral is married to Roy had a son who died in the Vietnam War, the Vietnam war serves a dramatic purpose experimentation corals loss. Coral experiences extreme grief at the loss of her son; however she experiences a profound rejuvenation of life through Toms play -? The Stranger On The Shore which uses the play within a play technique that Go sees to show his audiences the effect that plays have on human emotions which subsequently leads to their revival / reawakening. That lead to re- discovery. This This Provides a renewed understanding of themselves and others around. Toms imminent death encapsulates the plays major thematic concern and determines its direction. We will write a custom essay sample on Lat specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Lat specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Lat specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer The play opens with the Shakespearean play A Midsummer Night Dreams in which Tom plays the role of Puck. Just as Puck directs the dance of the fairies in the school performance so too does Tom who channels the plays action. His discovery of two characters with strongly opposing views: Coral and Gwen is reflected by their re-evaluation of their lives. About life Coral seems to have immersed herself in loss claiming rhetorically that, Its everywhere isnt it? In the air that we breathe emotively portraying her discovery of the continuous reminder of her son. She yells out You sent him away portraying her vulnerability as she blames Roy for her sons death. Every discovery of the world is a rebirth and a reawakening because it offers renewed perceptions of the world around us unexpectednesss discoveries can lead individuals to renewed perceptions of ourselves and The concept of discovery of others is represented in horror short story Oval portrait through consequences of discovery can be far reaching even life changing Peashooters. Popes horror short story clearly reinforces the notion of renewed perceptions of the world around ourselves and others discovery of others. Edgar Allen Poe was an American author, poet, editor and literacy critic who was considered part the American Romantic Movement. Best known his tales Of mystery and death. The author explores this by revealing how unexpected discoveries can lead individuals to recognize others obsessions,. Ruin fatal love relationships and incomprehensible madness. This is evident when the narrator for example is fascinated by both the oval portrait and the book which explains the painters wild obsessions with wife to the point that his wife to the narrator immediately develops a high degree of curiosity in terms of questioning how this painting came to existence and what this artwork could teach him about humanity, love and life in general outgeneraled. The protagonist finds this object both fascinating and provocative. I was the portrait of a young girl just ripening into womanhood.. In a very few moment I again looked fixedly at the painting. Popes uses contemplative tone when the narrators discovery of this artwork clearly sparks a great deal of curiosity, mainly his interest in the fatal relationship between the printer and his wife. the The cause of my deep agitation being thus shut from view, I sought eagerly the volume which discussed the painting and their histories. Turning to the number which signaled the oval portrait, I read the vague and quaint words which follow . Popes use of first person narrative voice by helping the readers empathic with the protagonist and his fascination with the lady in the artwork. Readers can ascertain that the narrator is also another victim of art, indeed he falls in love like the painter to art and for his painting. An individuals obsession with the artistic form can lead to destructive relationships and madness. Edgar Allen Poe (1809-1849) was an American author, poet, editor and literacy critic ho was considered part the American Romantic Movement . Best known his tales of mystery and death. This text is therefore one of integrity as the author catered to gothic literature which combined romanticism and parts of death elements in the setting, plot and the characters in his text highlighted the fact that discoveries may be caused by a sense of wonder and remunerated discoveries can lead individuals to renewed perceptions of ourselves and others. In a world as complex as ours, there are a constant presentation of discoveries. Therefore believe that every discovery is unique n their presentation of a constant flow of newer and changing perceptions of the world. Go explores the rejuvenation of his characters through their renewed perception of themselves and the others in the play this evident in corals loss of her son. In addition the Popes short story oval portrait explores the unexpected discoveries of the narrator this is shown with the narrators recantation and his wife being reunited from his previous life thus a rejuvenation in life. Both texts provide a renewed understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

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Sudeep Annem Essays (364 words) - Christianity, Literature

Sudeep Annem Mrs. Burch AP English Literature 11 September 2017 Visual Essay Statement I examined the impact of the dark theme of death which reflected the atmosphere of the medieval times. In an era rampant with disease and misfortune, many works of poetry reflected the gloomy atmosphere surrounding their poets. The poems that asserted the dominance of death in medieval literature were Death be Not Proud written by John Donne, Hell before Purgatory located in the Worcester Manuscript, and Pearl by an unknown official writer. These three poems provided varying point of views of the impactful writers in medieval times. The first poem describes one attitude that many adapted towards death during this time. Since death was occurring so frequently those like John Donne sought to justify death and discuss its weakness. He states that death has no power over humans as they can live eternally after they pass away. Also, since the body remains after death Donne argues that the only thing that truly perishes is death itself. The second poem has a more gruesome outlook on the effects of death. It talks about how the fires of purgatory are inescapable regardless of how many merits are accumulated over the course of a lifetime. The final poem discusses how death is a dreamlike state, but it is sacred. No mortals may trespass on the celestial affairs of the afterlife. A man goes looking for his pearl and angers the heavens resulting in divine punishment. All of the aspects of death led to the selection of visuals I ma de in my collage. The choice of a scythe represented the power that death held over humans in medieval times and within the scythe was an array of unique medieval paintings and pieces of art which expressed the fleetingness and inevitability of death. In addition, I incorporated images that suggested the impact of religion and the current state of world affairs (namely the Black Plague) had on the interpretation of death in medieval art and literature. The theme of death defined the culture of Medieval times and the many representations and beliefs surrounding death located in literature helped show the modern people the harsh life that awaited those in that time.